Worthy Ideals


The progressive realization of a worthy ideal – this is the definition of success, by one of the great masters. In fact, you can listen to him live… well, not live, recorded – The Strangest Secret (by Earl Nightingale). I highly recommend you find it – ita��s available online. But the progressive realization of a worthy ideal is the statement of (definition of) success.

When you take a look at the end of some days – and we all have these kinds of days – you wonder/shake your head, looking at the tally, saying a�?This?… this was the worthy ideal I was progressing towards/I was realizing today?a�? Ita��s not always the case, but one thing to always keep in mind is a�?greater good, long terma�?. The a�?greater good, long terma�? is what should help us define and devise todaya��s tactic and strategy.

Therea��s a wonderful story about three little fellas out in the snow, freshly fallen. Here we have some freshly fallen snow here from last night. One of them started a challenge to the others – a�?I can walk a straighter line than you!a�?

Boys – you know (boys), they have to have competition built into almost everything. So there he is, looking straight down, heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe. And his buddy watches – a�?a little crooked.a�? He says a�?I can do better.a�? So, hea��s walking beside the heel-toe, heel-toe line, and he does a little better job – he takes longer strides.

The third little boy, without much in the way of a�?fanfarea�?, starts his line. What he does is he looks across the field of freshly fallen snow, spies a light post, looks at it – and it alone – and begins to walk. And of course, you know, who had the straighter line? It was in fact the little fella that was looking up, straight ahead, focused on something in the distance.

a�?Greater good, long terma�? will help – I hope – make some of those decisions of the a�?What I could do todaya�?… what I need to start, and what I need to stop.

The progressive realization of a worthy ideal. My best wishes in the pursuit of this!

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Big, Hairy & Audacious Imagineering


Hi! Start of a new year – Happy New Year!

Dona��t believe the prognosticators, the Mayans just ran out of rock… thata��s why they PLANNED on the world ending (in 2012).

Big, Hairy & Audacious goals! Ia��m sure youa��ve heard that expression before. The challenge with big, hairy and audacious is the stretching. Literally, the IMAGINEering stretch. Most folks are comfortable with bits and pieces, and they celebrate, and get in the habit of celebrating (these).

What they need – as we all do – on a regular basis – is in the major arenas of your life (mine are Faith…Family…Fiscals) you NEED a big, hairy and audacious goal. Now for instance – faith – for me… Ia��m going to die at one hundred and twenty plus 1 day… and be met at the gates with, you know, a little bit of fan-fare – well, at least one or two people are going to know my name, anyway!

Family – exactly WHAT are you thinking of when it comes to major events in a familya��s life. The kids, the grandkids, all that kind of stuff. Picture it! You can close your eyes every once in a while and take time to put colour, verve, energy, sound, taste and thrill into that sort of that!

Fiscal – pick a number! (laughter) Go ahead, pick a number! You dona��t have to share it with anyone, but you should know what big, hairy and audacious means in your life – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Then get in the discipline of the a�?month-to-montha�?. I, as some people know, die every thirty days! I live my life in month-tight compartments, because in a month you can accomplish some SPECTACULAR stuff, and in a fiscal sense, you can hit reasonable targets with deadlines. But month-by-month, you can start with very small steps on the way to big, hairy and audacious, and you might be surprised that after that moth of commitment to dumb stuff… like walking up stairs and no elevators… like eliminating certain foods – sugars, chocolate bars and french fries.. Youa��d be surprised at the end of thirty days how (well, you need to celebrate!), but how comfortable you tend to get at a�?sticking to ita�?. So big, hairy and audacious to begin with. Most important, start at that seventy thousand foot perspective (with big, hairy & audacious), and second, the month-to-month discipline – just the baby steps. Stick to it for just a month at a time, you can do it!

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70,000 Feet – Strategic Perspective


This is quite a while ago…

The first time I went to Jamaica, I left the resort I was at and caught a ride, a helicopter ride. Wonderful fella the pilot, and there were about, I dona��t know, half a dozen of us in an old surplus army helicopter. We started flying around. The minute he got us in, he just scrafed the top of a grove of palm trees. Of course the palm fronds were coming in and slapping against our thighs and our calves and stuff. And of course people were shouting a�?Hey! Hey! Higher! Highera�? (laughter). He was smiling away, and eventually we got higher and higher and higher. Before you know it, we could see the pretty much the whole city we were on top of – I think it was Ocho Rios. He kept going higher and higher until we FINALLY got to a place where literally we could pretty much see the whole island. Now the higher we got – of course, he was whipping like MAD across the top of those palm fronds, and the higher we got, the slower it seemed we were going. I shouted a�?Wea��re slowing down now?a�? And he said a�?Same speed, man. Same speed.a�?

The higher you get, the slower things tend to appear. Theya��re still moving ( but seemingly not as fast ). But most of us have flown at thirty-five-to-forty thousand, I was on a Concord once, and you are up to sixty or so thousand feet. There you can actually SEE the horizon. Ita��s a wonderful sight! The curvature of the Earth is clear, I should say, not the horizon. But the curvature of the earth, right up there at the edge of our atmosphere.

Ten thousand feet beyond that is seventy thousand feet. At seventy thousand feet, I mean, EVERYTHING is a dead stop. Dead still. And at seventy thousand, you can see BEYOND the curvature – whata��s coming beyond the curve. Thata��s where strategic planning starts. Ita��s SEEING that which others dona��t… understanding all-the-while that you may be wrong, But starting from that perspective, taking a leap, thata��s what true a�?visioneeringa�? is all about. Taking a leap of faith, and committing and resolving to a cause of consequence.

So, when youa��re going about the day-by-day, if ita��s possible, think about what ita��s ( what you’re doing at that time ) plugged into – what are they higher levels. What is it at the five hundred foot, the three thousand, the thirty thousand! See if you can find a way to take yourself out of the game for a while, and start thinking about the seventy thousand foot perspective. The things that are beyond belief, truly UN-BELIEVABLE!

Start to craft full bodied pictures of you engaged in something well beyond the possible! And see if it doesna��t add some energy, and some drive, some motivation in the moments that are NOT the real pleasant ones, as we all have ( from time to time ). See if it doesna��t – when you plug back into that – give you just a little bit of gumption and follow-through.

Good planting! Good Harvesting! Good Day! https://justbuyessay.com/