RADIO & other invisible SIGNALS

RADIO & other invisible SIGNALS

You hear that? (radio playing in the background) Thata��s NPR. I know there are lots of podcasts I listen to, as many of you do. I would recommend wholeheartedly you do, if you drive 12,000km a year – which is not very far – ita��s about 8,000 miles – but they say thata��s what the average Canadian drives. Ita��s quite a remarkable amount of time – the equivalent of a college diploma, each year. So filling your vehicle – that drive time – with important information from leaders, thinkers – of the day and of yesterday – wouldna��t be a bad idea.

But going back to the radio signal from NPR. You probably dona��t hear it right nowa�� There you hear it againa�� and there ita��s gone. Now, the touch of a button allows, with the particular piece of science & technology, allows you to pick up on what is presently there: wave-lengths/radio signals that are quite literally jammed in space bombarding you. You choose to listen to one or another station. If youa��ve flipped through the channels you know that theya��re all out there, ready to be received.

In life, we often times end up on stations that arena��t good ones. We listen to the wrong stuff – we dona��t do or accomplish all that we could, because the station wea��re on, or the signals we are picking up on, are not the ones that are challenging or engaging us at the highest possible level. We need to be aware that there are vibes that are constantly accessible, and they are not all good. We have to clue into the good ones, pay attention to them, and hang around them, make certain our technology – our receptors, our signal receivers are strong enough so we continue to pick up on them. That means not just the radio we listen to, the podcasts, the sites we surf, the people we hang around with, the TIME we spent in some circumstances as opposed to other circumstancesa�� all of these reflect our choices that in their own small way determine whether or not we are being fed the good stuff, or the right stuff.

Also remember, as youa��re driving down the highway – perhaps you are listening to a radio signal – passing by power lines or cell towers as well (and the signal is interrupted). Thata��s another subject all on its own – whata��s actually out there thata��s interfering in perhaps a dangerous way. But remember, there are all kinds of signals that CAN interrupt – that CAN in fact infect the good stuff.

So, do your very best by choosing the right reading, the right mentors, the right partners, the right players you work with, play with, socialize with – to ensure the signaling is the right stuff and your receptors/receivers are in fact in top shape, So youa��re doing your doing your level best, and get the best stuff on a regular basis.

Good planting! Good harvesting! Good day!

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